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As clean as a rat
Posted on : 08/30/2010 01:16:44 PM

Did you know that rats are very clean animals and spend nearly a third of their lives grooming themselves? Sadly, the media and history have depicted rats as unclean and disease ridden creatures, which is untrue and completely unfair. In fact, it's seldom necessary to wash rats and they are surprisingly much easier to care for in comparison to a gerbil, hamster or larger pet. Remember, just because your pet rat can clean itself it doesn't mean you should neglect the hygiene of its cage. As a caring pet owner, it's your responsibility to clean your pets bedding and cage regularly. Rat cages need to be cleaned just once a week including a fresh supply of bedding and water to ensure they are happy and healthy.

A little goes a long way

Owner's that change their rat's bedding on a daily basis may discover that the cage will suddenly become a lot smellier. Your pet rat can become easily distressed when their scent is removed from their bedding and so will urinate more often to mark their territory. By simply leaving small amounts of dirty bedding in their cage after you've cleaned it, can really help to reassure your rat and reduce any bad odours from developing.

Grooming your rat

Remember, gently does it. Grooming your pet rat should always be a delicate process especially when brushing their coat or tail, as a heavy hand can damage or even remove the delicate skin on their body.  If you wish to clean your rat's tail you can do so with an old, soft toothbrush and animal shampoo, or bicarbonate of soda.

Signs of a healthy rat

The first signs that indicate a healthy rat will always be a clean and well-groomed coat. So, by simply changing their bedding once every week and supplying them with fresh food and water on a daily basis will really help your pet live a long and healthy life. At JustCages, we house only the premium and most respected rat cages and accessories on the market. From rat cages to bird cages we have them al! All of our rat cages are built to last and come in an exciting range of stylish shapes and designs. Whether you're looking for stylish rat cages or gerbil cages, JustCages is the perfect place to shop!


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