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Should I buy a male, or female dog?
Posted on : 06/01/2009 08:44:51 AM


This article was written by a Pomeranian breeder, but many breeders of other breeds agree!

Many people think that sexual behaviour is an  exclusively male domain. In fact, intact females are generally more moody and emotional than males. Intact females' heat cycles will be a regular issue to deal with. Hormone fluctuations can cause significant coat loss (in Pomeranians) Females at these times may not appear their best. Seasonal heats can be a three week long period and occurs twice a year. Most fights will usually break out between 2 females.

Males are usually more affectionate and more demanding of attention.  No matter what age, a male is more fun-loving, always wanting to play games.

Male Pomeranians are normally more beautiful all year round with much more coat. 

Males who were neutered early, at 5-6 months (not earlier, not later!) usually don't ever raise their leg to urinate and won't display behaviour like ‘humping' and ‘marking'. They are very attached to their owners, tend to be more steadfast and less moody.

Males are much more easily available than females and normally cost much less than the females. They generally cost half the price to have neutered as a female does to be spayed. They will not mark their territory and no seasonal heats.  From my experience, I recommend the male as the “better pet.”

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