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How To Properly Calm A Hyper Dog
Posted on : 11/13/2013 12:45:47 AM

Hyper dogs can be destructive, not to mention a real pain, and without meaning to. These dogs don't understand that jumping up and down on you or the furniture is a bad thing. They just have all of this pent up energy that they need to get rid of- and they need to get rid of it now. So how do you properly correct the 'bad dog behavior?' There are a number of great techniques you can try out. All dogs have very unique personalities so what works for one dog ay not necessarily work for another. Be patient and try each of these k9 training techniques until you find the right one for your special pooch!

Ignore Their Bad Behavior

Dog behavior stems directly from you. If that doesn't make sense to you, think about a child. A child will imitate you as a means to get to your attention, or they might act out for the same reason. Your dog is acting out because they want your attention. Until you teach them, they will not realize the difference between good and bad behavior. By ignoring them, you let them know that you will not give them attention and as such, that what they are doing is wrong.

Give Them Something To Focus On

If you can give your dog something to focus on, they will behave much better. For example, you can have them wear a small backpack when you go for a walk. They will stay focused on carrying that small additional weight instead of running all over the place. Hyperactive dogs also do extremely well as herd dogs, hunting dogs, etc. if you have the time (or need) for proper dog training.

Go For A Long, Vigorous Walk

Taking your dog for a long, vigorous walk can redirect and exhaust his energy stores. Plus, you can get in shape at the very same time, so it's a win-win situation. If you have the energy yourself, take your dog on a run. Or, you can always ride on a bike while your dog runs along beside you- just make sure you give them plenty of slack on the leash and that they are not in any danger from traffic. In fact, it's usually a good idea to stay away from busy roads in general.

Try Out Some Aromatherapy

Dogs experience most  everything through their sense of smell. Just like you have scents that you find relaxing, so will your dog. Ask your veterinarian or a holistic professional about what types of smells may work to calm down your hyperactive dog. Don't let the silly sound of this put you off because it really does work!

Using these techniques you should be able to easily calm down your hyperactive dog and correct their bad dog behavior into good dog behavior. Most importantly, remember to always have patience. It takes time and energy, but you get a lifelong friend out of the bargain. Good luck!
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