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Summer Picks for Cute Dog Clothes
Posted on : 06/11/2013 01:46:24 AM

Your dog is like a family member. It has its needs, and one of those needs is a spiffy new summer wardrobe. Okay, perhaps your dog doesn’t need a new summer wardrobe, but doesn’t your pooch pal deserve one?

There are actually some very practical reasons to buy Fido a few key summer pieces, and although keeping up with the latest in canine fashions isn’t one of them, you dog can still look pretty darn cute with the right picks.

Cotton T-Shirts and Tank Tops

Those cute little doggie tees and tanks definitely make a statement, but they also provide your dog with protection from the harsh rays of the sun. Dogs with short fur who are especially prone to sunburn will benefit from a lightweight t-shirt or tank top. Some are even made with added UV protection, just like the ones made for us humans. These help prevent sunburn and potential skin cancers related to sunburn. You can also use the shirts to keep your dog cool by wetting them with cold water before putting them on. They’ll keep Fido looking and feeling cool until they dry.

Life Jackets

Okay, so dogs are usually pretty good swimmers, but do you really want to take a chance on your precious pooch going overboard and not making it back to the boat? Dog life jackets protect your pet from themselves and other boaters, too. Most come in bright colors with reflective strips, making them easier to spot while in the water or at night. If your impulsive dog jumps in over his head his life vest will keep him afloat and easily seen by passing boats, until you can get him back on board. As an added bonus, today’s doggie life jackets are pretty high fashion, as long as you like bright colors!


A dog scarf is an accessory that’s easy to use and practical. A brightly colored scarf makes it easier for you and other people to see your dog from a distance, potentially preventing accidents and injuries. Plus, nothing looks cuter than a canine with a bandana!

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