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Travel Safely with Pets – Tips to Follow for Great Trips
Posted on : 02/27/2014 05:01:46 AM

Since our pets are a big part of our families, it’s not surprising that we travel with them. Depending on the size or age of your pet, there may be challenges to travel. Pet owners must consider the safest ways to bring pets along on trips. This means considering safety for family members, as well as, pets. Some people will be taking a trip via an airplane. It is possible to transport pets on these trips.

Others may be traveling by car, van or camper. These can be more comfortable settings for pets to journey to destinations. At the same time, it is important to follow tips that keep pets safe. It doesn’t matter what type of pet you have. Your dog or cat can come with you on vacation or a business trip. Planning ahead is a good way to prepare for these trips.

It’s normal to think of the things that you need for travel. Clothing, toiletries and various other items are packed for people. What types of things will your pet need for the trip? Food, water and bedding are some of the common items. There may be many other items that you’ll need. Following tips for safety involves preparing for the trip in advance. Let’s take a look at some of the tips that can make your trip fun for you and your pet.

Practice Car Rides

Many pets are comfortable riding around town in their owner’s vehicles. These are often quick trips that sometimes lead to fun for the pet. Long road trips, however, can be an entirely different matter. Different breeds may behave differently to these types of trips. One way to ensure that your trip goes smoothly is to do some practice runs. Take your dog or cat on a longer ride than normal. Allow them to sit where they would be during your trip.

How they behave will be a little clue as to the real trip out-of-town. It is important to remember that some pets, like people, get carsick. This may be a critical thing to know before you plan to take your pet on a long journey. Practice rides are definitely a must in the preparation process.

Read Airline Rules

One important part of flying with a pet to know what the airline rules are. Visiting your airline’s website is a great way to learn this information. There are generally regulations and fees related to flying with your pet. The size of the pet usually factors into this consideration. Some pets can ride in the cabin with their owners. Other will have to be checked similar to the process of baggage. Reading these rules allows you to prepare accordingly and to know what to expect.

There are many airlines that provide information about pet travels and incidents. Researching your particular airline in this area can be important. This may make the difference in which carrier you book or if you travel with your pet.

Talk with Your Vet

Your vet can provide a lot of information when it comes to traveling with your pet. Dogs or cats, who have had health issues in the past, may not be good candidates for travel. In these instances, boarding may be the best choice. Healthy pets may require a variety of items before flying or road trips. Favorite toys and blankets can ease the challenges of the trip.

Depending on your destination there may be other issues related to your trip. Certain countries have rules about foreign pets. Consulting your vet could provide more information on this issue. Your country destination website should also have rules posted about bringing pets along.

Stop for Play & Potty

Road trips are certainly a lot of fun for families. These trips allow you many opportunities to see fabulous parts of the country. If you are taking your pet along for the trip, you’ll need to alter your schedule. Most experts say that stopping at least 2-3 hours is a good rule. This will give your pet the chance to stretch and walk. At the same time, these stops are terrific potty opportunities.

People have to stop on these types of trips. It shouldn’t be surprising that pets need it too. You can use this time to incorporate dog obedience training, play and running. Find out if there are dog parks or safe places to run along your route. This will make travel interesting and fun for pets. Take along their favorite balls and toys to use during stops.

Buy a Carrier

Families traveling by air will need to consider safe methods for transporting pets. Carriers are the best way to do this. There are many different types of carriers on the market today. You will need a roomy carrier that allows your pet to be comfortable when they fly. Pets that are not used to being in a carrier will need some practice. It is important to experiment with this process well before your trip.

Consulting your airline about this topic may be necessary. There are rules and regulations related to carriers for pets. You may want to purchase stickers that alert staff that your carrier has a pet inside. Traveling with your dog tags and information is a good idea, as well.

Pack Food & Water

Road trips of any length are going to have challenges. Even when plans change it is your responsibility to keep your pet happy. Having enough food and water is a part of this process. Travel in secluded areas may provide fewer opportunities to shop. This is why buying supplies in advance is important.

Stores on the road may not have specialty or healthy food choices for pets. Buying a bulk size package of dog food is wise. Plan food purchases for the entire length of your trip to be safe. Large containers of water are essential for these trips. Don’t forget to pack food and water bowls for serving on the road.

Keeping your pet safe while you travel is very important. It requires more than simply packing their belongings. You will need to ensure that your pet is comfortable and protected. This is true whether they are traveling by air or in a vehicle. Planning for your pet’s experience will make the trip much more enjoyable.
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