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Can three dogs and a dose of New Media help thousands in need?
Posted on : 07/10/2014 06:11:05 PM

It can happen when dogs become New Media stars and use their fame to save other dogs of course! Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and even Kindle eBooks have become platforms for adopted dogs-turned-online superstars, and they are giving back to dogs-in-need in some big ways. There’s Poppy, a rescue dog from Fiji, who has raised funds through Facebook and Kindle eBooks for dogs in her homeland. In Chicago, there’s that Manny the Frenchie, an Instagram sensation with over 500,000 followers who has fundraised for over a dozen charities. And then there is the renaissance dog, Ricochet. She surfs, swims, provides therapy and has raised a fortune for charities through her 235,000+ Facebook fans and millions of YouTube views.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Manny the Frenchie

Poppy is a little rescue dog from Fiji that was badly disfigured by her original owner who accidentally slashed her nose with a machete then left her to starve to death! Poppy wandered off and was discovered (and rescued) by a nearby school. She was instantly embraced by a loving local community and nursed back to health by doctors from as far away as Australia who provided desperately needed surgery. Poppy quickly became a sensation all over Fiji, Australia and then around the world. She has since raised over $10,000 primarily through Facebook to benefit other needy animals in Fiji, and has even published an inspiring Kindle eBook whose proceeds go directly to Animals Fiji, an organization that aids local animals!

Photo Credit: Facebook/Poppy

What do you get when you have bowties, penguin suits, a bathroom sink and one adorable rescue French Bulldog? An Instagram icon, Manny the Frenchie of course! With over half a million followers, Manny has created one of the most popular followings on all of Instagram. Besides brightening the day of countless people from all over the world (and taking the occasional nap in the bathroom sink), Manny and his owners have worked diligently to use his fame to raise money for over a dozen animal non-profits, including Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, French Bulldog Rescue Network, French Bulldog Village and Snort Rescue, which Manny fundraises for every month! No wonder he needs a nap.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Manny the Frenchie

Is it possible for a dog to surf, provide therapy to humans, and find time to become a New Media sensation? It is for Ricochet, a Golden Retriever who has raised an incredible $345,000 for charity with the help of her 235,000+ fans on Facebook, an Amazon bestselling book, and her YouTube videos, some of which have been viewed over 4 million times! In addition to surfing with children who have special needs, Ricochet also works with veterans suffering from PTSD and other people with disabilities. Ricochet has fundraised for organizations such as Save a Dog Save a Warrior, PTSD Battle Buddy Initiative and the San Diego K9 Cancer Walk. Her ability to instantly connect with those she encounters has made her a true star.


Click to view video on Ricochet’s YouTube channel

With a dose of fame, New Media, an OD of cuteness and a lot of heart, these dogs have saved thousands and touched millions. The possibilities are truly astounding. Who knew!?
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