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How to protect my dog from tick paralysis?
Posted on : 07/19/2014 12:59:31 AM

When you and your family take pleasure in the warm climate of spring and summer, don’t overlook health of your dog. It is the time to take special care of your dogs and to protect them from ticks and tick paralysis.

Basically, paralysis tick leads this problem in dogs. Tick paralysis is a critical condition that requires immediate attention and treatment. If you really love your dog, be alert of paralysis ticks and understand how to keep your dogs away from tricks.

What is all about paralysis ticks and how they lead paralysis in dogs?

Ticks are hazardous bugs that can attach to the dogs and suck their blood slowly. While sucking the blood they emit a pollutant into dog’s body. It can influence the nervous system and lead various issues.

Paralysis ticks are found all years around especially in spring season. Local creatures are good carrier of ticks. When it comes to looks of these bugs, it can be diverse when it is bloated with blood or not. Be aware about their appearance. You can see their images from internet and at pet’s clinic.

How to defend your pets from ticks?

One must take crucial steps to defend your dogs from ticks and avoid the hazard of tick paralysis.

Don’t take your dogs in shrub areas especially in spring and summer season. Keep your gardens and plants clean. Take out the fertilizer and other such stuff form garden in tick season.

It is vital to thoroughly check your dog every day for ticks. You can apply tick control products on their skin to avoid the risk of ticks. Use some reliable products to apply on your dog’s skin.

Use your fingertips to sense through the skin. This bug can be felt just like swelling on skin. Check your dig every day. See legs, face, neck and ears thoroughly. Examine both outer and inner surface along with skin folds carefully.

How to remove ticks?

If you found any tick on your dog’s skin, it is essential to remove that right away. It will be good to ask your veterinary surgeon right way to remove these bugs. Don’t try to pinch the body of bug. The head should be removed. There are some devices available in the market, which can help you to remove these bugs with their head with ease. After removing the ticks, give your dog a bath.

What are symptoms of tick paralysis?

Tremble-ness in the back legs, sudden change in voice, retching, vomiting and loss of appetite are some common symptoms of tick paralysis. Moreover, short breathing, loss of hunger, rumble noises while breathing and other symptoms can be noticed in dogs.

What should be done if a pet shows some symptoms?

Contact to your veterinary surgeon if you notice any tick paralysis symptom or found any tick on skin. Immediate and right treatment is mandatory to protect your dog. Keep your dog in comfortable environment and remove the ticks as quick as possible. Don’t give your dog anything to eat without recommendation of your veterinary surgeon.

You can use some branded tick control products which are safe for your dogs. Don’t buy any random product. Ask your veterinary surgeon to recommend some good products.

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