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Summer care of Your Dog.
Posted on : 07/31/2014 12:13:54 AM

Summer season is a time of excitement and frisking but at the same time it comes with many risks for our pets. When the temperature climbs, we need to make sure that our dogs are fit and fine in the heat. Here are some factors you need to keep in mind to keep your dog protected in summer.

Avoid the Heat Strokes

If you really love your dog, make sure that your dog does not be ill with heat stroke. Don’t leave him alone in the car. In the summer, your packed car gets extremely roasting and deadly within a few minutes. Also, rub some ice-cubes on stomach of your dogs two times in a week. It will help them to stay cool.

Be attentive about veterinarian Care

Take your dog to the veterinarian for complete medical check-up in the starting of summers. It is recommended to go for flea and tick test and heartworm test. It is important to keep an eye on these issues in summer.

Avoid Direct Heat

It is a good habit to take your dogs outdoors in evening and morning. But direct heat can be harmful for your dog. Take your dog for walk as early as possible in the morning or in the evening when the sun has set. Try to keep them in the shadow at all times. Watch the signs of trouble in your dog cautiously. If you notice glassy eyes and frenetic panting, etc. take your dog to the vet immediately. 

Keep Cool Environment to Your Pets

Keep your home cool when the outside gets hot. Often people turn off the air conditioners when they leave the home. However, if you have dog at your home, don’t turn off the air conditioner. Leave the AC on a comfortable setting to avoid any kind of health hazard for your dog.

Take Special Care Of Your Dog's Diet

Before you get busy in choosing some watery fruits for your own, take time out to watch diet of your dog too. Give your dog a plenty of water regularly to avoid hydrated issues. Include some summer food in your dog’s diet.

Swimming is Beneficial

Do you know dogs are great swimmers? So, take them for swimming in the morning. Make sure your dog take a dip in the water in place of getting exposed in the harsh rays. Regular swimming will help them to stay cool and calm in harsh summer conditions.

Bath your Dogs Regularly

Clean the skin of your dogs carefully on regular basis. Also, you can trim their fur to keep their body light in summer.

Apply Sunscreen

Burning and itching sensation are some common issues dogs experience in summer season. To avoid such skin problem, apply sunscreen on their body before taking them in harmful sun rays.

Know Your Dog

Some dog breeds are more sensitive to heat than others. Know about your dog. Consult to the vet in the staring of summer reason. However, you should take special care of your dogs in the summer regardless their health and breed. 

Our dogs rely on us for each and everything, and keep them protected and comfortable year round!
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