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Choosing and Caring for Your New Cat
Posted on : 08/08/2014 08:25:39 AM

So, you've decided to pet a cat or kitten, do some research and determine the options available. Before making a final decision, it is essential to keep some factors in mind including cat’s personality, age and appearance. Which pet you already have at home – it matters when adopting a cat. If it’s the first time, you should gather as much as information as you can.

Which type of Cat should I Adopt?

Age is an important thing one needs to consider when you want to bring a cat in your home. You may adopt a kitten, Juvenile, or an Adult cat. If you would like to get a kitten, be aware about the fact that kittens are curious, lighthearted and active. They need intensive care and you can watch them develop and mature. Kitten can easily accept the environment of a house as well as the pets you already have. However, adult cats have a personality already developed.

Breed is another factor one should consider. Cats come in two categories - pedigreed or a mixed-breed. Although, both types of cats are wonderful as pets pedigreed cats have better size, appearance and specific personalities in comparison to mixed-breed cats.

How should in know if cat is healthy and sociable?

There are so many ways to verify health and nature of cat. Active and well groomed cats have clear and bright eyes. Teary eyes, sneezing and nasal expulsion is a sign of infection. Both nostrils and ears of cat should be clean. Check the mouth and gums, they should be pink. Check the skin of cat it should be spot free, dandruff free and shiny. Make sure belly of cat should be flat. It should not be protruded. Spend some time with the cat to determine its personality. Your would-be pet must be sociable and relaxed with people. If a cat or kitten is suitable, it will be active, brilliant and playful.

What should I give to my new cat to eat?

It is important to know about the right food for your cat. Be aware about the facts including the best feeds, quantity of feeds, frequency of feed and more. No matter what type of food you are selecting for you cat, make sure to purchase certified and packed food made for cats only. Check the nutrition label on food package to know more. Such food offer sufficient vitamins and minerals to your pet. Moreover, you can ask your veterinarian about extra supplements for your cat.

What is the right time to spayed or neutered for my cat?

Keep your cat clean. Give your cat a bath with a shampoo regularly. Your cat should also be spayed or sterilize at six months of age. However, some vet advise to go with this process earlier to avoid any risk of unwanted pregnancies.

When it comes to adopting a cat, one should gather maximum information so that the cat will be happy in its new home!
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