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The Pet Grooming Supplies & Essentials
Posted on : 02/21/2015 02:02:26 AM

It is highly important to groom pets regularly by using effective tools and essential supplies that are readily available in regular or online pet stores. Such attention and care are specifically necessary for improving and maintaining pet's good health. 

Following are the basic grooming supplies or cleaning tools that every pet owner should keep at all times, and that are most importantly applicable on cats and dogs. 

  • Brushing and combing should be part of any grooming routine. Whether you have a curly-haired Poodle mix or a short haired Dalmatian, following a daily brushing routine is strongly recommended. A variety of combs and brushes are available in order to treat pets in every way possible.
  • The de-matting comb cleanly brushes the entangled coats by using the wide spacing between its teeth. There are combs with rotating teeth that also have wide spacing, and they are applicable on thicker coats that are more susceptible to tangles. 
  • The half fine metal comb has extremely fine teeth towards one end while coarse ones towards the other. This type of comb, also known as half-coarse, is suitable for brushing of all kinds.
  • Closely set, fine teeth of flea combs are highly specialized to find fleas within animal fur and trap these parasites.
  • Experts recommend the wire slicker brush for those furry pets such as dogs or poodles that have curly coats on them, while, pin brushes are readily available on the market for animals with long hair. 
  • Various de-shedding tools are designed to remove loose hair and undercoats so that the shedding within these animals reduces.

Other Pet Grooming Essentials

There is a variety of other pet grooming essentials such as scissors, thinning shears, grooming tables and clippers specifically for dogs and cats. The scissors can safely remove unwanted hair between dog pads and the thinning shears trim down thick animal coat during summertime. 

For high maintenance, combing and brushing or during serious cleaning ordeal, there are grooming tables specifically designed for allowing comfortable pet cleaning. There are overhead lamps and cleaning tools like clippers and brushes available with these grooming tables, to make the cleaning process more enjoyable, convenient and effective.  


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