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My pet
Posted on : 05/13/2015 05:16:38 AM

All my life, my work was related to business trips. The children have grown up and live in different cities, and I, having retired, stay in a big house all alone. Friends all live far away, and I wanted so much to have someone here always. Without thinking much, I decided to get a cat. Turning to one of Moscow's nursery, I just fell in love at first sight with a kitten of the Egyptian Mau. It reminded me a little of the noble snow leopard, which sought and into my arms. As my good friend, the Egyptian Mau - a "solid spot" !!! This breed spotted not only wool but also leather. Stains should be clearly marked with a bright contrast. Genuine Mau inherent "make-up goddess" (2 bands extending from the eyes to the ears) and Figure "scarab" on the forehead. How do I know their recognized colors are only three: silver, smoke, and bronze. In their younger years kittens often turn into "ugly ducklings." They cover the ground in the background stand out with longer hairs. One get the impression that you are looking at a hedgehog. But this is only a "rebirth", we should not be afraid of this. As soon as possible the kittens turn into luxury creations with a clear and bright picture. In appearance, Mau occupies an intermediate position between the slender Siamese cat and knocked British Shorthair. The body of her is of medium length, quite muscular but graceful. The distinctive quality - the front much longer than the hind legs, which in some case does not spoil the aesthetic appearance. Paws are small and neat. The head is proportional to the round, with a pointed muzzle. Seemingly transparent, wide ears and pointed at the tips. These cats have very beautiful shape of the eyes, something in between the round and almond. They say that they have a special corporate look! Their unique swinging tail, similar to the movement when they are labeled, is only a way of communicating. It is believed that the Egyptian were obsessed with their loyalty to their masters. And if you chat with strangers for her, they are aliens, if they are loved ones, she loves and is committed to participate in all their affairs. Basically, these cats choose a maximum of two family members, and remain faithful to the end of their life. Mau’s favorite activity - an active pastime with their beloved master. They are smart, affectionate, playful and very curious animals. As for cats, almost all can be fun, including your stuff, it is better to buy a toy for her. Keep in mind, your pet will constantly monitor the location of their toys, and it is useless to hide them from him. Tracking and hunting is an integral part in the life of the Egyptian Mau. Thus, your home will always be protected from mice and other rodents. Like all short-haired, this breed is not difficult to care. It is enough to comb it twice a month, especially because she loves it. Do not forget to shear its claws. This breed cats loves the water, which can facilitate you swim (all held on "Hurrah!", If you hold it as a game). If you want to have this exotic spotted friend who is loyal only to you, the Egyptian fit perfectly. You just will not be bored with it. And buy yourself such a friend possibly from a nursery. Why in the nursery? Yes, because that is where you are guaranteed not to get "a pig in a poke", and the present, healthy, without any deviation of the Egyptian Mau. If you are not too lazy, choose a kitten in a nursery «Nefertee» and never regret ( ). I did not have to worry about vaccinations, they have already been given. Mine was also issued a veterinary certificate certifying it was a pedigree. I can always turn to nursery professionals on any matter, not nervous, get a detailed explanation on care and maintenance.
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