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Grooming Your Dog
Posted on : 07/13/2015 02:05:54 PM

Daily grooming of your dog is important - both for his general cleanliness, and because it is an excellent way to monitor his health by checking for heat, swelling, or cuts, any one of which could indicate illness. It’s also an opportunity to bond with your dog, while reducing the number of parasites on his skin.

A healthy coat starts from within. To produce a thick, shiny coat, choose wholesome foods that have meat and meat meals as the primary ingredients. Include some fish oil in your dog’s diet. If he’s small, just give him a quarter of a teaspoon per day. If he’s medium to large in size, mix a teaspoon in with his food.

Ideally, it’s best to start bathing your dog when he’s young to get him comfortable. If you adopt an older pet who hasn’t yet experienced a bath, giving him treats will let him know that it’s a positive experience before you even turn on the water.

Always brush your dog’s hair before giving him a bath. If you don’t, any tangles he has will be much harder to dry - and when they do, the fur cinches up. If his coat is really tangled, use cornstarch to loosen the tangles and provide some friction. You should then be able to pull them apart with your hands pretty easily, so you’re not pulling at his skin.

The part of his bath that your dog will likely hate the most is water in his eyes and ears, so his head should be the last part you soap up. When you’re rinsing, reverse the order by rinsing all of the soap off his face before moving on to the rest of his body, rinsing from the top down.

Rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball, applied gently around the outside of the ear, and then lightly around the inside edge, kills any bacteria present. For the eyes, it’s safe to use either water or saline solution.

Trimming your dog’s nails can be difficult - either because he fights it or because you’re afraid you’ll cut too deep. To prevent these problems, use a standard nail file from the drugstore rather than clippers.

Start with brushing your dog’s teeth by putting a little pet toothpaste on your finger and allowing him to lick it off. Then, slowly lift up his lip and run your finger around his mouth, giving him a treat if all goes well.

Keep your dog clean, happy, and healthy with regular grooming sessions.

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