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Hero dogs attempt to rescue law that would bring home retired military dogs, and they need your help
Posted on : 10/27/2015 03:27:52 PM

Animal Rights Leaders and Hero Dogs Arrive at the Capitol Building 
(photo credit: the Washington Free Beacon)

This summer, a long-overdue provision to guarantee all military service dogs get a ticket home was passed by both the Senate and the House (one thing they can agree on!). After all, it’s estimated that military service dogs save an estimated 150-200 U.S. soldiers throughout their career. It was cause for celebration and it looked like the agony experienced by veterans such as Spc. Brent Grommet and his battle buddy, Matty, would finally be a thing of the past. Right? 

Spc. Brent Grommet and battle buddy, Matty 
(photo credit: Facebook)

However, other provisions were also included that could increase defense spending without increasing domestic spending first and other hot button issues – causing President Obama to veto it in a controversial, rare use of his executive power (only the fifth of his presidency). 

President Obama vetoes the NDAA on objections of how the measure is funded 
(photo credit: Susan Walsh, AP)

If signed into law, the vetoed provision would have guaranteed trips home for military service dogs once they complete their tours of duty. It could reunite them with their handlers and reduce, if not eliminate their risk of being euthanized in a foreign country. Sadly it has been entangled in party politics at the very last moment of what has been a long, arduous journey to bring ALL military dogs home. 

However, seven award winning life saving hero dogs have arrived in Washington to help convince Congress to get onboard and push this important provision through. 

Sgt. Rambo not willing to leave a soldier behind 
(photo credit: the Washington Free Beacon)

Sgt. Rambo, who lost a leg while in the Marines, showed up with his adoptive owner, Lisa Phillips. Lisa also helped author the now-vetoed military dog provision. Also in town was social media sensation, Harley, who has become the face of the anti-puppy mill movement on Facebook and beyond. Several other dogs arrived, many credited with saving human lives, including Dax, a highly decorated Massachusetts police dog and the recipient of that state’s Medal of Valor. 

Glory, a highly decorated Wisconsin firefighter dog, also arrives at the Capitol Building 
(photo credit: the Washington Free Beacon)

They’re pushing Congress to make sure countless hero dogs overseas don’t get brushed aside because of Washington infighting. Let’s follow their inspiring lead, and tell our local Congressional Reps that all hero dogs require a ticket home. Their lives are above partisan politics and anything less would be shameful.

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