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Turmeric for Horses
Posted on : 03/22/2016 05:22:31 AM

The human-horse  relationship were started from centuries ago. Man use horses for transportation as well as plowing land and pulling large wagons whereas Some others use the horse in wars and all. Important of horse can be identified from this. Now in this century We use horses mainly for plowing, carrying wagons, transportation, races etc..Even we denote horse power to denote a vehicles. Mainly because of its strength and ability Horses can help you for all the above purposes. When you're raising your horse without proper caring sometimes they will be reluctant to do all and will become very lazy and dizzy. Lets discuss How you can care the horses in a best manner. We mainly discuss the properties and effect of turmeric when fed to horse.

What are the common health problems and their cure which usually seen in horses?

  • HOOF CARE - "No hoof no horse" is famous saying people normally use. yes, it's true without hoof horse is zero and can never be used for above purposes. So for hoof care turmeric is regularly fed to horse
  • GREASY HEEL - the Greasy heel is mainly because of the bug called congo lenis. It causes infection lower limb skin. it can be very painful for horses. By applying golden paste extracted from turmeric we can reduce greasy heel. When applied for a year we can completely cure it as some case proves it.
  • UVEITIS - Uveitis is normally a blindness seen in horses when it starts aging. But this can be avoided by regularly getting turmeric in diet from its small age.
  • QUEENSLAND ITCH - Related with skin Queensland itch is a health condition which gives the horse owner headaches. Normally rashes or itching seen in horses and it can be also avoided by turmeric mix.
  • SARCOIDS - Tumours found in horses from small age can be very dangerous once they grow up. There is a chance that these tumors can become cancerous and is very difficult for horses. so feeding regular turmeric in diet can have an effect on sarcoid growth and helps in avoiding such situations.
  • EQUINE MELANOMAS - Normally seen as a black mole in horses it is normally found in old age horses. It can be referred to as tumor also. it causes real head the to dog owners and can be cured by turmeric.
  • LIVER DISORDER - Liver disorders are mainly caused by bacterial or fungal infections and turmeric is a real solution for liver disorders seen in horses nowadays.
  • ARTHRITIS & WOUNDS - Arthritis refers to a situation when horses can't able to move their limbs due to pain is usually seen in legs and limbs and by applying the golden paste to the place can remove arthritis and problems such as wounds etc.
  • ALCHIEMERS - Alzheimer's disease mainly regarding as blockage of nervous signals to the brain by the formation of plaques can be dangerous to grown horses. By feeding turmeric regularly we can avoid these problems.

What happens when turmeric is fed to the horse?

Curcumin is one of the main content in turmeric. We can say whole holistic properties of turmeric is related with curcumin present in it. So once fed to horses this curcumin acts as antioxidant agents and helps to lower oxidation property in cells and it can also help to lower the histamine levels. It enhances production the cortisone which results in avoiding health disorder's found in horses.

Medicines that we can extract from organic turmeric for applying to horses.

  • GOLDEN PASTE - Golden paste is prepared by mixing half cup fo turmeric powder to a cup of water and one-third of oil which can be olive oil or coconut oil. Absorption property of Golden paste is an important for curing problems in horses so by gently warming and mixing the paste with pepper can increase it. It can be applied for Arthritis, Wounds etc..
  • HOME MADE SPRAY - Mainly for treating fleas and also for reducing itches Spray can be used. You have to mix methylated alcohol with vinegar and add some turmeric powder to it with some coconut oil. You have to mix in the ratio 2:1 for a mixture.
  • FOR SARCOID TREATMENT - For sarcoid tumours in horses mix 10ml of turmeric with coconut oil or olive oil and put some peppercorns and give it to horses. You will get the benefit from 6 weeks.
Overall caring your horse from these above problems is an important aspect for every owner. It will be very easy if you can follow these steps mentioned above without much of headache. Remember Healthy horse helps you a lot.

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