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Signs That You Are Not Giving Your Pet Sufficient Care
Posted on : 07/26/2016 09:59:42 AM

Keep an eye on these red flags that might signal you are not giving your pet enough attention Your pet spends the whole day sleeping

Another wise  healthy adult or young pet that sleeps the whole day is bored and in urgent need of playtime and physical exercise along with mental stimulation. To reverse this you need to set some time daily to concentrate on your pet. Take her for walks, go running together, stroll to the dog park and play some lively game of fetch. On top of that why not consider enrolling your dog or cat for an obedience class, or nose work so as to keep mentally active

Your dog/cat looks blue

A healthy and vibrant dog that looks depressed might lose interest in playing or eating, become moody, easily become injury prone or avoid running to welcome you when you get home. Just like a sluggish, sleepy pet, a depressed pooch regularly needs more good time with her human

If your pet friend all of a sudden begins to relieve himself indoors, it may be a sign he is depressed but there may also be an underlying health issue so I recommend seeing a vet to rule out a medical complication. Experts also recommend that to avoid high fees that may  arise in case your pet is diagnosed with an ailment, you take a pet insurance

Your pet is disobedient

Pets especially dogs adore pleasing their humans hence if it is giving you an attitude; it’s a clear sign you need to have more time with him. Who knows it could be needing an obedience refresher course or its likely you have not yet uncovered what really motivates her

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