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Tips to Remember While Playing with Your Pet
Posted on : 12/29/2017 06:44:58 AM

Playing with your puppy is a great way to strengthen the bond between the two of you, in addition to being an opportunity to socialise with like-minded dog owners. 

1. Include games and sports

There is no reason why a dog exercise regime has to be boring. Did you know that there are various dog games and sports that you can engage in with your pet? Activities like Agility and Flyball are becoming increasingly popular and there is a growing community of pet owners that are interested in these games for dogs. These sports allow you to engage in a competitive activity alongside your pet, thereby making dog exercise time something that’s entertaining and engaging for you as well.

2. Plan ahead

If your pet is still a puppy, they are not ready to start with dog games at this point in time. These activities are quite intense and as such, not recommended for puppies whose skeletons are still developing. Nevertheless, it is never to early to start thinking ahead and planning for the future. You can always speak to your vet and find out about the best age to begin inducting your pet to dog games and sports. More importantly, you can always start introducing elements that will be required for later sports into your current puppy-training regimen. Fetching, catching, retrieving, and basic obedience are all components that will be needed regardless of what sport you choose to engage in with your dog. To this end, dog training clubs are an excellent option, as they have a lot of experience in how best to prepare a dog for a given task, as well as a pre-established network of owners who are interested in similar games for dogs and so on.

To remember:

At the end of the day, always remember that having fun and relaxing is the main aim of any activity with your pet. Don't try and force your dog into doing an activity that they do not enjoy, just because you want to do it. 

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